Established in 1975 in Piraeus, Theodoros Timagenis Acoustics-Architects maintains a long tradition in the field of Acoustics and Architecture by being the leading consultant practice for the most major acoustic oriented projects in Greece.

Further to its national range, the past 20 years the practice has also expanded its working horizons to the rest of the Balkans including but not limited to Serbia, Bulgaria, Albania as well as the Cypriot grounds.

The secret of our workflow precision lies within the fact that we employ a highly trained and specialised personnel and associates from diverse areas of the building industry along with the latest up to date and calibrated measuring and acoustic analysing systems.

Theodoros I. Timagenis

Founder - Architect Engineer - Acoustics Consultant

Theodoros is the founder of Timagenis Acoustics – Architects and a senior architect and acoustician. He has been in the field of acoustics since 1975, with a wide recognition for his projects nationally and internationally and a significant scientific contribution as a member of accreditation committees and working groups for acoustics, noise and vibration control. Theodoros expertise lies within all the stages of a project from conception to completion. Owning to his architectural background he is acknowledged for his expertise in resolving and leading any kind of acoustic issue (room, building and environmental acoustics), through construction shop drawings, adding to this his specialization in MEP and ductwork noise control with distinct proficiency in calculating MEP networks and silencers for acoustic purposes.

In all his years of experience Theodoros has been involved with all types and scales of structures within the built environment (from large scale public buildings to residential class structures) and he has also represented our clients of the private and public sector on matters referring to legal acoustic inquiries.

Alexandra T. Timageni

Architect Engineer

Alexandra focuses mainly in the architectural aspects of the acoustic workflow. She is particularly strong in identifying the construction needs in conjunction with the materiality requests of the client, by determining the areas of the construction requiring architectural resolution. Alexandra is also organising and leading the firm’s submission documents, lectures and presentations.

She has also worked at the Orsay and Orangerie museums in Paris and has participated in historic projects, such as the integral renovation of the Orangerie’s exhibition halls and the Van Gogh and Gauguin halls of the Orsay museum.

Alexandra is interested particularly in the variety of architectural work styles, concept schemes and methods thus her enthusiasm in pursuing a variety of academic institutions for broadening her professional groundwork.

Dimitrios T. Timagenis

Architect Engineer

Dimitrios is an Architect engineer at Timagenis Acoustics – Architects and has provided valuable help during the preparation of architectural and acoustics competitions and acoustic surveys.

Dimitrios, also has a rich in-situ experience as an acoustic technician in a range of projects including Astir Palace and Nicosia’s New Concert Hall commissioning benchmarking.

Aphrodite Patavali

Aphrodite is a Junior Architect who plays an important role in supporting and assisting our team, by actively contributing to various acoustic and architectural projects, taking on essential tasks related to the projects’ studies and presentations.

In her Architectural Studies at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), she has followed the field of Building Construction and Engineering. Her Diploma Thesis concerns the restoration of a listed building in a traditional village of the mountain Pelion, in central Greece.

In addition to her architectural studies at NTUA, Aphrodite pursued the Financial Markets Trading course at Deree, The American College of Greece, as a parallel student and Stavros Niarchos Scholar (SNF).

In the past, she has worked as a full-time intern at the UNStudio’s office in Amsterdam, where she collaborated with her team on building new sustainable concept models for running projects and has gained experience in 3D printing applications.

Maria Koumoutopoulou

Associate - Interior Designer

As the interior designer of the team, Maria integrates the functionality and aesthetics of the architectural projects assigned to the studio, whether they revolve around acoustics or not. The design process may involve large scale or small scale projects, and ranges from the production of more technical drawings and custom made furniture design, to the proper selection of essential and decorative items for the spaces concerned. 

Constant researching is part of the everyday routine, as the nature of this field requires enhanced problem solving skills and a perfect knowledge of the nature and availability of the materials and products involved. 

Her previous studies in the field of Business and Management make her a competent team player, who recognizes the necessity for an efficient collaboration among the multiple professionals involved in the conduction of a given project. 

Sofia Benardi

Architectural Designer

Sofia has been in the design team for over 20 years and has been involved laboriously with all the projects in all stages of work already since her early years within the practice. Her proficiency lies within her strong skills in producing accurate and complex technical drawings of all scales (architectural, construction and acoustic drawings), while she is able to comprehend the properness of the drawn solution ensuring the precise and efficient communication of the drawn ideas.

Amongst her responsibilities Sofia is also expert in managing the administrative tasks of the firm coordinating at the same time the digital and printing department.

Ioannis T. Timagenis

Architect Engineer - Acoustics Consultant

Ioannis is a significantly competent architect and acoustic consultant with an ample aptness to adapt in all project stages of any scale, type and complexity. He is characterized by a thorough knowledge of the architectural and acoustic requirements of the built environment (room, building and environmental) having at the same time a prime knowledge of the relevant ISO and BS norms. He is particularly experienced on field assessment and laboratory measurement processes as well as in acquiring advanced digital predictions of room acoustic parameters.

Additionally, Ioannis is responsible for the in-house acoustic analysis and coding tools, with his latest novelty being the creation of the AuroLab, the first full body acoustic simulator in Greece for reconstructing and listening to the physical acoustics of an unbuilt space.

As the firm’s most innovative tool, the Aurolab, allows our clients to listen and understand to the acoustics of their spaces, already from the initial design stages.